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    Newell P 322 and 332

    Ok, call me old, but I am a newell guy like a bunch of old school folks that stand by their newells. I prefer the 332 and even the 322. I like the original P series. Just a quick review. They will last forever. Easy to maintain. Light enough to throw all day. Reasonably priced. Im sure there is more to add, but bottom line is they kill fish.

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    Well that's one reason alot of people love the newells for casting irons. They are light, so you can cast all day being minimally sore. Graphite spools and a smaller reel makes it much lighter than other comparable reels.

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    I also love Newells, I have two 332's and a 220 all are P-series. The P-series is stronger and also lighter than the regular graphite newells. They are very good bait reels also because the light spool makes them very easy to cast and does not tire out a bait. I am actually going to buy a P-533 sometimes soon.
    I probably use my P-220 as much as any other reel, I have it on a Seeker 858 blue lighting custom wrapped rod. A super light set up.

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    Never used a Newell
    Yup.....thats just how i roll!

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    love those small newells,they cast great!

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    I have several Newells that I have had for quite a few years. They are light, are great for casting iron, and are fairly inexpensive. They also need a lot of maintenance and repair. The are easy to work on and I used to do it myself but I cant see that well anymore so they are in the shop a lot.
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    Newells are great at casting. I have the smaller 229 model mounted on a calstar 196-8c and can huck the smallest anchovies out there pretty good.

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    Newells were always great at casting but you got your butt kicked if you hooked a decent fish . also when I worked at Big 5 all the Newells had jerky drags straight out of the box. I really love my Daiwa Saltist 40, Same size as a Torium 20 but has a disengagig pinion gear and casts nearly as far as a Trinidad 20DC at 1/4 the price with 40lb mono.

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    Not sure if anyone is aware but those 322's and 332's are becoming rare for sure. I saw a p322f go for close to 400 dollars! Check it out. I monitor ebay quite often on those newells and I've seen seasonal price changing. But in the pass 2 months, prices are climbing even though they are out of business. It's a gut check now. keep your newells or join the bandwagon. I see parts (individual) going for outrageous prices. There are trends and for some reason this year alone this must be the time if you have spare newells and want to make some cash. This is the time.

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    I have two P332's I love those reels. There is something about catching a fish on those reels. The best way I can say it is that you feel everymovement from the fish as it goes through the line and the rod you also feel it in the reel so you feel a connection with the fish and its a very sporting reel. By sporting I mean you feel you can use a stronger heavier reel but the Newell gives you a feel like its a more even match up and it tests your skill more.



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